1.  If a house becomes empty the people to take it over should be the family not a random person who just wants some where to live with out paying taxes.

2. peole who build onto others homes with out permission and refuse to take it down should be made to take it down out of there own money because it was them who put it up not the other house hold.

Why is this idea important?

1. beacuse no one has the right to take over someone elses home just because it happens to be empty at the time in question so you should either build a place for them to live or help them find a place of there own to live, and have them pay taxes and rent like the rest of the country have too.

2. if someone build onto a detached house with out the property owners permission it would lower the propertys intrestlevel and value and if they wanted to sell they would not be able to get the full price and the full value of it and would lose a lot of money due to one extention.

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