The SSCO scheme has spent hundreds of millions of government money to improve PE at primary level since 2000. Has there been a substantial improvement??

As a current SSCO there was a lot of improvement in the early years but recently figures have stagnated and new initiatives have been introduced (5 hour offer) to keep people in their jobs. You are not going to get every pupil loving PE and taking part in sport outside of school. FACT.

Has confidence in primary teachers improved or are they still scared of teaching PE? This money could have been spent on full time PE teachers in primaries or shared teachers amongst smaller schools.

There are a lot of meaningless jobs in the 450 partnerships. PDMs on £35k+, assistant PDMs on £25k, competition managers on £20k, administrative staff, county PDM managers and full time coaches. Is this money justified for the output received?

Why is this idea important?

This idea is important due to the amount of government money  being spent on PE and sport in schools and its justification in the results it is achieving.

After an initial improvement afters years of neglect especially at primary level the results have stagnated.

Could this money be relocated to individual schools to allocate accordingly for example on frontline PE teachers at primary level and remove the beaurocractic level of managers sitting in offices..

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