There seems to be little standardised in the building of motorways and roads and their maintaince .

Slip- way lenghths vary on the same motorway for no reason , and lane markingsare often differently laid out anf i wonder if they sometimes have read the highway code and know what they are for.

Road signs on motorways , especially the overhead gantrtries seem to lead you often into the wrong lane and often to late  causing drivers to take swerving action to get quickly into the juction they want , sometimes causing major problems withother drivers and accidents .

No real consistancy in all thing roads , sometime its surface finish ,  designs of juntions etc etc

There should be a central database of currant ways of building roads , signage, etc , this would keep the cost down of projects as at present every single project has to be designed rom scratch  whereas , they could just assemble from a design kit in most instances.

 The cost of building in the UK so much more expensive than europe, mainly due to this lack of standarisation !

Why is this idea important?

Reduce Accidents

Lower building costs

standardised spares and  knowledge to repair  would keep cost down .

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