All current laws should be repealed. 

Start again with new laws – no more than a dozen – that apply across the whole of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

One of these new laws should be a Bill of Rights and Responsibilities – any one in breach of their responsibilities loses all thier rights.

Another should be a written constitutuion setting out exactly what role the government, monarchy and the people play in governing the country and what powers each hold within their respective roles.

There will need to be other laws of course but these two will do to start with.

The laws should be looked at approx every 10 years to ensure they are current and in context with an ever changing modern society and that any changes actually replace what was there before and are not there instead of or as well as the prevoius law.

Also do away with laws being made on the hoof by courts as happens with much of our commercial law.  Laws are only laws if they are made in parliament and signed by the monarch and not made up by some judge who is only party to a small portion of the available evidence.

Laws should not be open to interpretation – they should be clear and in plain english – say what you mean and mean what you say.

Laws should apply throughout the whole of the UK including Norther Ireland and Scotland – no separate laws.

Why is this idea important?

Puts laws into a modern context, simplyfies the statute book acrossthe UK and NI (allowing gov't to get on with sorting out the problems of the day) and defines what everybodies roles, rights and responsibilities are within a modern day society. 

Also if they are drafted in plain english it would make the laws more understandable by everybody.  Why should it take a lawyer to interpret the law – it should be plain and simple and straight forward to understand – the law should be there for everyone to access.

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