Give all new businesses a 12 month package of benefits, freeing them from paying rates , NI employer contributions , VAT, and include a government backed business bank account from the major banks, with a guaranteed unsecured overdraft linked to turnover through the account at a pre-defined rate to turnover.

Why is this idea important?

The first year is the most hazardous for any business ,and by minimising the costs on the business ,and optimising the cash flow availability (based on t/o growth) during this first year would i suspect lead to many more businesses surviving that do at present.


This would lead in second and further years to a larger tax and vat take for the treasury, and allows Banks to see how the business controls growth in that first year without  having to come up with "guarantees" which in many cases may not be available, and so allow them a better insight into the "risk" of making unsecured loans to the people running the business .. For it is people who create business.

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