If a person is in receipt of pension credit having no other income which tops up a state pension two things happen which restrict a person's choice and life. One is, with pension credit, which also might help towards the cost of a high rent and also with the council tax which is also very costly- the pensioner is not allowed to go away for more than a month and if he or she does has to inform the DWP who then take away the right to pension credit with the additional help towards housing benefit for rent and council tax and the person has to go through the very time consuming process of re applying for pension credit. This could immediately place him/her into a position of financial debt, which is very worrying. Please remove the strict regulations involved with receiving pension credit, which also forbids the person to do a job which pays (yes!) more than £5 a week. If the pensioner wanted to work to top up his income so he could travel and feel happier and less restricted his right to pension credit would be removed and he would be faced with a hefty council tax bill and the payment of a high rent. There would be no money left for her to take the holiday she wants and so it is like being in a prison of sorts, engulfed in by official restrictions!! It's a catch 22 and a no win situation which creates and keeps a pensioner locked in a misery of unfulfilled longing for things any normal person wants to do and in abject misery for the portion which is left of their lives.

Why is this idea important?

It is important because the restrictions placed upon pensioners in receipt of pension credit which, apart from the help towards council tax and rent is not at all a high sum but it helps the person to eat more healthily and that's the limit. We cant always control our circumstances and life choices but we all surely have a right to some happiness. These restrictions take away some of this right and with the recent cancellation of swimming passes for the over 60's it appears there are more and more restrictions, not less, being placed around our lives. Do the government really want to do away with  people of 60 and over and pretend we simply don't exist?? It is about  the freedom to live a fuller life, whether rich or poor.

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