This has been needing sorted for MANY A LONG YEAR now!!!

Tier the payouts depending on term and on contributions received

If someone works 35 years and is hardly off sick eceives the same payment as someone who has worked for only months???

The poor person who has paid his tax and national insurance gets no more, well thats down right rediculious

should be tiered as sample

0 – 1 1 months = £59.00   1  year – 9 year = £79.00   10 year – 25 year =  £129.00 

26 year + = £159.00 per week

Why is this idea important?


This rewards your workforce and taxpayers that should they be off work they will not be used

they are being rewarded in a certain way that depending on their commitment in working years, they will not suffer unjustly

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