Has it stands right now, baliffs can enter a house remove items and by the time they add all the charges and cost of selling these items, the outstanding amount in some cases is way above the oringal figure, that the person could not afford to pay in the first place.

The law needs to be, if a baliff remove goods, IT HAS TO CLEAR ALL OUTSTANDING AMOUNTS, AND COSTS, baliffs should also be required by law to display in some form they are certificated.

Their offices should be made discuss issues with customers, it should be against the law to say they can only discuss it, if a baliff visits, has this is for no other reason, but to add charges for the visit. From the number of people who have spoken to me, they say the baliff visits and sets an monthy payment, that is way over and above the amount that person can afford, saying that the minium they can except, reguardless of that person income or outgoing such has rent/mortage.

Why is this idea important?

Because the system is open to abuse and is abused

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