Child labour laws were initially brought in to protect children from the kinds of working environments that no longer legally exist in this country.  They are now overbearing and prevent people who want to work from working, when it would be hugely beneficial to them to do so.

All restrictions of the employment of 16/17 year olds should be fully lifted, as should the restrictions on the number of hours 14/15 year olds can work during school holidays and at weekends.

In addition, 13 year olds should be able to work for up to 20 hours a week during school holidays and 5 hours a week during term time, and 12 year olds up to 10 hours a week during the school holidays.

Why is this idea important?

The employment of teenagers is not ‘exploitation’ or ‘child cruelty’.  It is in fact hugely beneficial for the teenager as it gives them a sense of responsibility and freedom, and gives them something constructive, sensible and character forming to do as well as enabling them to earn their own money.

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