Hello Dave and Nick

Got a few ideas here that you might find controversial. Firstly I'm all for a free media (hey you get what you pay for) but can we either (a) abolish Rupert Murdoch or (b) make him pay a suitable level of tax in relation to the toxic waste of offensive material that he regularily dumps on the UK. Quite frankly I'm sick of the soft Right wing media such as The Sun and News of the World spewing all this contrived nonsense about all these foreigners stealing our jobs (and in the case of the Daily Mail our wives and council houses) and how it is able to get away with churning out this nonsense without the general public or the Government chastising these phools for their lies!

So what I want Nick and Dave is a 5 point programme to stop this gross breach of my human rights by the Private sector.

1. End Murdoch's monopoly on media in the UK, I'm not against people being successful but I am against them using the Times to sell the Sun! Give say 49% of his empire to Richard Branson and Alexander Lebedev and let them get into lots of debt and then be bought by Bernard Madoff for a guaranteed profit…honest.

2. Exchange all the chavs and bigots who vote BNP but live in St. Helens (which is ethnically 99% white but their scared of foreigners from when they went to Mallorca once) for hard workin Somalians and Polish people. I beleive that these people will firstly annoy all the bigots and that will make me happy and secondly they may contribute more then the chavs who shouted 'Rug head' at me when I was on my way to a wedding recently.

3. Can we issue an offical Government communication that the English football team is actually rubbish. We are not some great footballing nation, we are awful at football and frankly we should be made up that we qualify for a world cup and not expect (rather bizarely) to win it.

4. Ban the use of £20 notes for transactions worth less then £16. It is not fair that some Luddite can pay for a transaction worth 23p and then use a £20 note and then complain that they get loads of pound coins in change. I feel this is the real reason our economy crashed, too many £20 notes in circulation and too many idiots using them without good reason. I would suggest amending the Theft act s.1 to include the unlawful dispensation of £20 notes.


And Finally….

5. Can we change the law of rape so that in law a woman can be guilty of raping a man under section 1? I beleive we're all adult enoufh now to accept that not just men can committ rape and that as a matter of showing a forwarding thinking approach to improving the criminal law by liberalising this particular element as well as jointly increasing the spending provisions to help victims of rape throughout the trial process (by diverting funding from Local Council road surfacing schemes, I reckon we can all go a year or so without some pointless tarmacing) and using high profil Home office advertising campaigns to draw attention to the low conviction rate for this horrendus crime and also by instituting a respect agenda in PHSE class this could in some way begin a re-education of our young people on the serious crime of rape.


also as an additional point to wind up right wing lunactics on this site

1. The EU is a fantastic insitution which contributes signifcantly to British growth and also don't these people who clog up the property market in Europe by buying holiday homes in Spain  and don't require a visa think its a tad hyporcritical to critiscise foreigners coming here?

Why is this idea important?

My idea is important quite simply because it will attempt to restore some balance

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