stop all forms of benefits being cliamed by non british people jsa esa child benefit tax credits housing benefits free health care and also just stop eu immigration fullstop as it has ruined most east midland towns as non british workers being employed by gang agencys and stoping british people from finding work

Why is this idea important?

as above states

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  1. If the migrant is from a country with a similar benefits system, that’s different. If from a country where people don’t have to pay for healthcare, unemployment pay, housing benefit, pensions and the rest, I think that’s unfair on both sides. The other country should introduce those benefits. We should not be under-cut by making UK taxpayers pay for them.

    If so, two questions.
    Are people in that country so used to working harder on lower wages that they effect prospects for people in the UK? If so, maybe we should have some kind of convergence rule to limit migration until the wages there are more similar to wages here.

    Are people in this country shut-out of opportunities for training, education, and information about healthy living? I mean a diabetic who was thrown out of school at age 16 is not in with much of a chance against fit sane educated migrants who are willing to work at Starbucks.

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