Thousands of pounds are being spent by the Medical Research Council on research into treatments – Cognitive Behaviour Therapy – ineffective and sometimes harmful, and Graded Exercise Therapy – very definitely harmful – for people with ME, and on centres for 'treatment' based on this psychiatric approach.  There is no evidence that ME is psychiatric, and thousands of research papers describing physiological problems – very low volume of blood flow, shape-changed red blood cell populations, neurological symptoms, problems of muscle metabolism.

This money is wasted, and the so-called 'treatment' make people with ME more disabled, much less likely ever to recover, thus costing the government more and more wasted expense in disability allowances, or else leaving very ill people destitute.

Why is this idea important?

This is important because the sooner the physical nature of the illness is recognised, and appropriate treatment applied (self-limitation of activities in the acute stage, EPO or other nutritional aides to facilitate blood flow into the capillaries, relieving the symptoms caused by lack of oxygen into the muscles, brain, and endocrine system), the more likely it is that the patient will be able to recover enough to re-enter the work force.  Present policies practically guarantee long-term or permanent severe levels of disability, which is very expensive.

About 350,000 people in the U.K. suffer from ME.  The psychiatrists involved in this fraud are making money, and their contempt for people with ME is a matter of record.  They are damaging patients both psychologically and physically, while pursuing treatments that are making them worse.

Treatment which is the opposite of what they recommend could save thousands of pounds both in the short term, because appropriate treatment is relatively inexpensive, and in the long term because it would mean that many fewer people with ME were sent on a downward spiral towards permanent disability.

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