All immigration should be stopped without exception until 2020 this will give an opportunity for a rethink of the culture of ignorance surrounding how the indigenous population is being treated.

There are no vacancies for many unskilled and lower skilled indigenous people we do not need immigration as this country had adequate people to train for any job now or in the future. We do not need immigrants to fill any vacancies all indigenous people should have the right to enjoy there homeland without interference from foreign cultures and the loss of opportunity to homes, Jobs and education that has been occuring since the 1950's. The European Union has not benefitted us the indigenous population and allowing poor third world countries has brought about unlimited numbers of unskilled workers bidding for jobs for less than an indigenous worker is able to work for, this applies across the board. This form of racsism is called Ethnocide and is against the geneva convention.

Capatalists have been allowed to move manufacturing industries abroad they should be accountable for the cost of unemployment and pay heavy compensation before moving jobs abroad. Finding cheap labour in third world countries means that we can not compete in the jobs market or politicians are planning to turn us into a third world economy with a poverty ravaged underclass created by the import of cheap foreign labour.  

Why is this idea important?

We need to find time to deal with the problems caused by unfettered immigration, and immigrant childbirth which means the indigenous population will be in the monority by 2070. This is unacceptable it is the indigenous populations country and belongs to the people who over centuries have fought and died to form and keep our nations culture and heritage it is not politicians right to give our homeland away.

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