My idea is straightforward and simple.  I am disabled, I am Fifty years old and I have been fortunate to have received a good education, continue through University, and work before and after a post graduate year.  Unfortunately, due to poor health, pain and frequent fatigue, I have been medically severanced, I pay tax and council tax.  I also am forced to top up the difference to my pension with Incapacity Benefit and I am in receipt of Disability Living Allowance.

The point I wish to make is, please look at every person as an individual.  I am depressed as well as living with a chronic condition, and a debilitating spinal injury which is treated by opiate medication.  I would love to have my health back and to work again, however, this is something I have been advised against doing.  I have tried going back to work by attempting to hold down a voluntary job in an area I thoroughly enjoyed.

With respect, I am finding Mr. Cleggs attitude about working being the best thing for people who are claiming benefit and that once in the system it is difficult to get out.  Please, I beg, do not tar everyone with the same brush.  There must be countless people like myself.  I am on Incapacity Benefit and DLA, I am worried beyond words, I am not sleeping and making myself ill.  I am being referred to the local mental health team because of all this.  Last year I was called in by Atos for a return to work medical, my GP intervened, It is not practical.  Donna from Atos informed me that I could have two years to get over it.  This shocked me beyond belief.  If I could I would cease claiming incapacity benefit, in fact any goverment benefit which over the years I have paid into through National Insurance Contributions and Tax.

I have been badly affected by Mr. George Osborne's DLA medical proposals, It was only whilst I was receiving Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy, that my mobility component was increased and this was for a fixed time, last year, It was as if a weight had been lifted off my shoulders when I was awarded DLA for an indefinite period.

Like many other people I am feeling extremely anxious, vulnerable and have no where to turn.  I am someone with a Degree and a vote.  I have worked for a major company, I have held a position of responsibility and taught.  I am considering returning to teach and all for reasons which i am being forced into.  I am extremely worried about my future.  My white blood cell count is lowering, due to stress, lack of sleep and bujeting on a spreadsheet isn't helping.  Without my DLA I lose my mobility, no car, i will be even worse than now about attending my hospital appoinments. 

Please, this is my suggestion, that rather than suddenly announcing to the public about such cuts, you did it again last week to the middle classes about Winter Payments.  I am I have to say a bit ignorant there as I am not  a person who claims them, I am  not on Income Support but Incapacity Benefit, I pay my own prescriptions and my life is sorting out a dosette box, starving myself regularly for ultra shound x rays.  You see, i have two three major conditions, two chroninc and potentially fatal, the other one is degenerative, it will get worse.  At the moment I see very little point in existing any more, I am close to tears, I believe that I am not the only one, I have read similar stories.  If someone, irrespective of having worked before or not is on Incapacity and DLA then there has to be a reason.  It took much investigation, medicals, specialists and doctors being consulted before I was awarded the higher rate mobility and middle rate care;  I am fotunately able to now afford the help of a lady who has a key and if I was in so much pain would stay in my spare room..  I am indepedant and like to do what I can, however pain kicks in all too quickly and I am relying on my help.  I am fortunate to have my car, I do not drive it when I am having a painful episode as I take break through medication on top of that which is prescribed, I also take medication for my other two conditions. 

I apologise if this is appearing to be about myself.  What it is, is an individual account.  I am one of many, many people all with stories to tell about my fears, concerns, how I would adddress a problem like you the Goverment are faced with.  I was no fan of the last Pm, however there is a man who pushed his health into the ground.  I just feel that WE ( THE PEOPLE AFFECTED BY YOUR NEW POLICIES) do not stand a chance to put forward to you how we feel, I know I am not alone in this.  I do not have much strength left in me here, but something has to be done and I am appealing to you to go about all of this in a different way.  Please go about this differently, consult disability organisations, it is easier that you think to find the scroungers on the system, most of them are sitting at home claiming Income support or ESA and Drinking to excess.

Why is this idea important?

My idea is to consult organisations, such as age concern ( Winter Payments ) Disability Organisations, Terence Higgins Trust, Heomophilia Centres etc etc, rather than making alarming announcemtents ie that every claimant of working age will be called in for a medical and this is going to be in place to help us.  I do not believe that for a minute.  It is to trim the claimants by 1 in 5.   Please excuse spelling and grammar, I have not slept, i am worried, very worried, I look well, until  I am looked at.  Please in future , could you put things to a vote, not just decide it is very worrying indeed, I thought we lived in a democracy and please don't proportion blame to Labout, the country was in a mess, the situation was international, there was a recession and this is economy. 

It might also be a kind gesture, if the most important people in goverment, now shared a bullet proof mini bus, the extended Royal Family do.  It doesn't help when you are viewed in a huge fuel guzzling chauffeur driven car, granted it has to be like this for security, but not ways to show you are ministers who have 'power'…. I feel like we are living in a dictatorship not a democracy. 

I have not been rude in any way shape or form, but I have been direct.  I am tired and not feeling good today.  My pain has flared up and my ankles are swollen, I am well over due to go to bed for the afternoon.  Life you see I am not finding easy.  I do not want to have to be reassessed every five or so years, Last year when Atos called me in for a medical, they wrote to me, not to my GP ior specialist or care manager, it was poor,i have learned from that and anything I  receive now I will send in VIA CORRECT MEDICAL CHANNELS; I do not trust any one in this Goverment.  I suspect I will be met with a barrage of rhetoric.  Please, if you reply which I sincerely hope you will, please write to  myself, I can assure you that I am googling the internet to find out my rights as a disabled man of fifty, not that it matters what age I am or whether I have worked or not before.  I am well qualified, over experienced and I find myself being treated ike an .

I do hope that Mr. Cameron, Mr. Clegg, Mr. Osborne et all please take note of how I feel and i know many others and take on board what I say.



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