Currently laws that were properly put in place to protect children's welfare and prevent exploitation in the professional theatre are being applied in a nonsensical fashion to youth theatres, dance schools and other youth participation groups involving performance.  The civil liberties of the children are being infringed by the draconian regulations which have to be enforced by voluntary but registered chaperones. It is as if during the week of the actual performance a barbed wire fence suddenly goes up around the children.  They think this is mad and so do the adults obliged to enforce the madness. Why, when the children are in the theatre during performance with exactly the same group of children and adults with whom they have been working for months, are they suddenly not able to exercise any personal freedom? This is NOT child protection it is child oppression. 

Why is this idea important?

I believe that respect for civil liberties is as important in children as it is in adults.  I want my children to grow up having a respect and understanding for the law but that is very hard to inculcate this when the laws are completely 'through the  looking glass'. These children are going to grow up with a lasting impression that the adults charged with their care and protection are certifiable. I was a child perfomrer myself and was in my time licensed under these regulations.  The difference then was that we were simply looked after by the adults not policed, which is what is currently happening.

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