Speed cameras and parking offences have for a long time been seen as a "cash cow" for various government authorities. This has severly detracted from their original purpose and especially in the case of speed cameras they are just seen as another tax raising mechanism. A simple law should be employed that only allows the relevant authority to take enough money from the fines to finance the operation of the scheme. Any excess money left over must by law be given to charity. You could even be able to specify which charity you want to benefit from the excess from your own fine.

Why is this idea important?

This is important for the following reasons;

1) By taking away the opertunity to make money the only reason the authorities can have for placing cameras and fining motorists for speeding or parking would be for preventing the infringement in the first place.

2) The public would have more respect for the scheme and less likely to object and appeal these penalties. They may also be happier knowing some of the fine is going to charity. This would reduce the amount of time and money spent by public servants on administering the scheme (answering letters, phone calls and collating evidence etc). I had a speeding penalty which I queried which resulted in the police officer that booked me having to write a long letter in response. This must have taken a couple of hours of his time to deal with. What a waste! Had I known I was booked for speeding and not as I expected because the authorities wanted to make some money out of me I may have just paid up.

3) Less appeals also means less Court time. This would also be a saving to the government and to the Police who would not need to waste time hanging around the courts waiting for the case to come up.

4) Charities would benefit financially which can only be a good thing.

5) If the public had more faith in the reasons for speeding fines then they may have more respect for them and may keep to the speed limits. This may reduce the number of accidents saving the NHS money.

6) Everyone is a winner except the greedy authorities that have been running these schemes.

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