stop building houses, housing estates and roads, over areas of green land such as arable and farming land.

the farming and agriculture industry is slipping and needs as much land as possible whihc can not be achived by government housing and building plans. also by taking away fields and green area you are creating visual pollution. at the moment a lot of farm land where i live is going into houses, whihc is a shame as there is less places for local children to go and play outdoors as well.

Why is this idea important?

my idea is important becasue by decreasing the house building, and by taking greater awareness of the surrounding land, leaving arable land for farms helps to boost britains own industries, a much greener alternative to exporting from abraod. it also leaves safe places for children to play, and removes visual pollution. all of whihc i belive are being endangered at the moment at the rate land is being lost.

2 Replies to “Stop building houses on arable/farm land”

  1. I totally agree with you. I live in a Norfolk village, which is on the brink of devastation. We will lose are grade one agricultural land, bearing in mind this will happen all over the country, thanks to the coalition government. The population of wildlife all over the world has halved since the 70s, and all this out of control building will increase the devastation to the wildlife and the flora.

  2. I totally agree to not building on our local arable land and three pairs of people appealed against the application and won the day…it was a commercial adventure that lost…proves that money can not buy everything..

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