Anyone found guilty of benefit fraud is in a win win situation.  There are usually children involved who need protection and support.  Therefore, if the suspect is found guilty instead of cash benefits give vouchers that can be used for food and clothing.  Housing costs can be paid direct to landlord with a maximum, sensible limit.  Also when the income received in benefits exceeds the individuals personal allowance why shouldn't it be taxed in the same way an employed person's is? Nobody on benefits should have a better lifestyle than a working person. Also ensure that they do something in exchange for their benefits:  ie local community work, help keep their streets tidy, help with the homeless, train in some trade etc. 

Why is this idea important?

I feel it's important to stop the benefit 'career' option and the fraudsters need to be shocked into changing their lifestyle.  Vouchers just might give the jolt they need and if they are then made to get into a routine, hopefully they will then begin to feel a pride that had been absent for most of their non-working lives.

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