The 2003 Sex “offender” Act / laws should be scrapped entirely.

Giving the police the extensive powers under the 2003 sex offender act and especially the so called “Public protection officers” such powers is like giving a Butcher the license to perform brain surgery. The police and especially “public protection” have proven a scant regard for the “offender” and their family / friend. They have entirely abused their positions drastically harmed all concerned. The so called “public protection” officers are certainly NOT social workers, physiatrist or mental health professionals etc and only capable of being just that, Police.
The 2003 Sex “offender” laws are a travesty in justice and travesty in human rights !

Why is this idea important?

The 2003 Sex “offender” Act / laws should be scrapped entirely.

It has proven to have the adverse effect on the offender and friends and family.

It fails to allow the “offender” from a healthy reintegration back into society literally making the “offender” a out law and out cast in the society that person is supposed to live in.

The huge importance is to prevent an “offender” in any criminal situation to not re-offend, unlike other “criminal justice” situations this act literally permit’s continual punishment to the sex “offender” and his / her family and friends. Isolating all concerned and making them a outlaw unwelcome in society ;(

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