Many UK citizens are injured at work and haven't the money or backing to sue for proper compensation, instead often being left with no choice but to settle for a paltry compensation offer as an out of court settlement or face the bureden of continueing on at high cost and taking the chance of failing and subsequent bankruptcy. They are then left on the Benefit system with the tax payer footing the bill for their care . I know -I'm one, No compensation, no future, no hope, and currently being targetted as a burden on society just because someone else acted stupidly at work 22 years ago.

Nick CLegg -Do what the Tory government, Labour Government AND Trade Unions have all failed to do – stop this injustice in the system.

Why is this idea important?

People injured in industrial accidents have their livelihoods taken away and are gven a paltry compensation sum -which is often immediately lost to them in repaying benefits since the accident ie; Council Tax. They are then left with lifelong injuries stopping them working and are stuck on the benefits system with the tax payer having to pay. Industrial Injuries Benefit is given as a replacement of a working wage, but is in effect only worth about one days wage. Hence they live in poverty with no way out. I know -I've been stuck like this for 22 years.

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