I speak as some one who has worked all be it on and off since i left school im no lay about, but i am a cannabis user because i have athuritus and cannabis is my only releif for a decent nights pain free sleep

cannabis on british streets is CONTAMINATED 9 times out of 10 when you buy a block of resin cannabis it is not even cannabis your buying its god knows what plastic, and chemicals and very little low quality cannabis if any atall.

i have came accross even herbal cannabis that is contaminated with glass from glass wool isulation, the pieces of glass being used to fool the user into thinking its THC crystals and the cannabis is high quality. and cannabis being sprayed with chemicals that mimic the effects of good cannabis and to increase the weight & price.

god only knows what effect this will have on people because the government is doing absoultley NOTHING to warn people of these dangers

But lets get real for a second here – drug dealers dont play by the rules if they can contaminate drugs and make a bigger profit they will continue to do so….

so the ONLY solution is for the government to stop criminilising users and legilise & regulate cannabis and even tax it, users would happily pay that £1 or 2 extra knowing it wasnt contaminated cannabis they were using,

or allow users to grow it themselves take a leaf out americas book and users who have a medical need for it should be given that right

OR you can continue to bury your heads in the sand and watch people start to die when some one contaminates it with something that can kill

Its common sence cannabis has medical benifits & causes little if any damage to users(ofcourse people should be properly evaluated to see if they have the proper state of mind to handle cannabis smoking for medical reasons)

smoking tobbaco ONLY CAUSES HARM to people, and the same with alcohol but they are 100% legal and the government enjoys a healthy tax sum from them

basically the message your sending to young people just now is smoke these ciggerettes and alcohol from us – they will give you cancer and send you to an early grave – but thats ok were taxing them, dont buy cannabis because we have no hand in that



Why is this idea important?

it will save lifes & benifit the government tax wize, it will stop gangs of drug dealers fighting it will stop good people have to mix with the underworld – it will free up jail cells for the real criminals

& its all common sence its sad that i have to sit and explain things to you clowns who are being payed 10 times my wage.

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