My idea as a young person, is that job cuts should be made from the top….

I currently work in local government and I am at risk of loosing my job because I only work on a temporary basis. The impact off this is:

1. I will have to attempt to find another one

2. As I work in social care people will DIE as a result of the cut backs, innocent individuals are suffering as a result of the cutbacks and not getting the care they receive.

3. The government wants to get people back working – when all what happens is I get fobbed off for not enough experience for anything – how am I meant to gain full time employment ……..



So I propose the following:


1. Instead of cutting from the working class at the bottom – cut down the fat cats at the top – Do they seriously need to be earning 120,000 PA its redicioulous, you could half their pay and they could still live a luxury life.

2. Stop sending post to employees within local government – do this via the internal mail system – hey presto 25000 per year at least saved here within my local authority.

3. Set up schemes for those struggling to get into local government instead of fobbing them off!



Whilst we are undertaking a financially difficult situation – do you not think it is common sense to help our country and its people before helping others – what about those 1000s of pounds going into building weapons, bailing other countries out of debt why? when people in our own country cannot get work! It really is frustrating

Why is this idea important?

1.  Young people are struggling to get into work – and this is why! They are gaining some work experience but how can be gain any more when employers wont give you the oppurtunity to gain more.


2. The workforce currently in place will struggle – young people with fresh ideas need to be introduced instead of the average worker being over 38 years old.


3. It will make cutbacks in local governmnet but without people loosing their jobs – hey presto.

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