Schools and teachers should not bear the full responsibility of the moral education of the young.

Why is this idea important?

Successive governments have sought to ensure that schools become responsible for every aspect of a child's development. Parents should bear greater responsibility and not expect schools to teach their children how to be responsible citizens. Some parents have blamed schools for the problems of their own children eg teenage pregnancy, anti-social behaviour etc and abdicated all responsibility for the moral upbringing of their offspring. 

Schools try to teach children respect for others and good behaviour throughout the day and model appropriate social interaction, but they should not be expected devote valuable curriculum time to taking over  this aspect of a parent's role. Unless citizenship, tolerance, respect for your community and similar values are taught in the first instance by parents, the key figures in children's lives, schools will have an uphill struggle. We are all responsible for upholding the values of a civilised society and parents should not expect someone else to take on this aspect of their role.

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