Yes, Britain is fat. Yes, we need to have healthy eating regimes and programmes for excersise for our children so that in the future, heart disease and all manner of other ailments can be reduced. Yes, the public need to be aware of what constitutes an unsafe diet and how to incorporate activity on a day to day basis so that we can all remain ticking over nicely.


However, there are many other eating disorders out there that also affect millions and millions of people all over the UK. Anorexia and Bulimia are some of the most prevelant eating disorders in society today and most of the time, we have no idea that they are happening. Anorexia kills on average, 10% of all sufferers and can leave others with irreversable organ damage, osteoporosis and infertility.
From personal experience, I have met more people at my college suffering from either of these disoders than I have met overweight induviduals. I understand that this is only one specific place, but I find this emphasises the problem to see that there are more young people wanting to starve themselves than there are people binge eating purely at my institution. What does that say about the rest of the UK?

I think there should be much more awareness at present about these disorders, considering they affect 1.1 million young people a year . Males and females alike are bombarded by rediculous advertising images of 'perfect' models pretty much dictating how they should look. Newspapers and magazines are filled with fad celebrity diet plans and lists of who appears fat or not. I think it's disgusting.

So, to summarise – Keep awareness high on the obesity crisis, BUT also include other disorders on the same level. Binge eating itself is disordered and I think these should all be grouped together so that we can determine what is safe to do about the situations we are faced with. 

Having suffered from Anorexia myself, there was a disgusting lack of available help in my area and after being passed from place to place, I'm left feeling demotivated and unwilling to try and recover. I WANT to, but the help just isn't there. If the government need a place to spend their money, I feel this is one thing that would help millions of young people UK wide if it was put into place. 

Why is this idea important?

10% of young people will die from heart failure through self induced starvation.

The amount of young people diagnosed with anorexia and bulimia has sky rocketed over the last decade from 419 to 620 (

The quality of life for those who don't end up in hospital plummets. Depression and suicide can be a commone result of an eating disorder gone untreated.

Lack of funding for eating disorder clinics and specialists is so very apparent. We're dealing with obesity well – lets nip all the eating disorders in the bud too.

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