Priority of the police to cut down on anti-social behaviour from gangs of kids hanging around neighbourhoods.

Set out harsh new penalties, including:

  • 1 warning – no more
  • If damage to property is caused, the parents should pay
  • If the parents cannot pay, they serve community service or prison time
  • NAME and SHAME the kids that are causing issues. Why can't we name a kid of 14? Why does he need protecting when he terrorises everyone else?
  • Stop the soft approach from the police. Take advice from American cops. Treat the gangs as who they are

Why is this idea important?

In a developed country such as ours, thousands of people are too frightened to venture outside after dark (some during the day). Why should this be so? Why are gangs of kids allowed to constantly cause misery to ordinary, law abiding citizens and then only given a polite warning from the police?

If I was to confront these kids, I'd either  be a) arrested or b) killed

We need to restore order to towns and cities, and we need to do it now. 

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