stop giving non working immigrants benefits and houses

UK council flats

the country is ruined. Why destroy it completely and bankrupt it further by giving handouts to people who come here for no other reason than to get free mloney.. Look after your own people….. hows that for a radical idea.?? then maybe our country could improve again instead of plumetting completely.

Why does this idea matter?

to stop workers having to work and work just to give money / taxes to pay for others who have no care for our country

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6 Responses

  1. mike craig says:

    Immigrants are not automatically entitled to benefits. The Country has been ruined by bankers and the rich (most of whom don’t work) not paying their fair share of taxes. In fact immigrants have contributed significantly to our economy.

    • antonio says:

      If an Imigrant has 2 children at school it costs tax payers £9,000 a year, plus child alowance, tax credits, council tax reductions, health care. They would have to be earning £60,000 a year to break evan as tax payer.
      So most if not all are getting out more than they put in. Which is why they come here.

    • antonio Ancolotti says:

      “immigrants have contributed significantly to our economy.” No They don’t. They would have to eaning £60.000 a year to break even with tax if they had 2 kids in school. So here for what they can get. not interseted in “contributing”.

  2. richard kilbride says:

    feed british citizens before we feed these scroungers

  3. dan says:

    just get rid of all immigrants why we fight world war 2 for
    my grandad would be a broken man was he still here after fighting in the war and seeing us being pilfered and raped by foreign freeloaders and being ruled by germans

  4. G.Squire. says:

    How is it that an able bodied immigrant woman or indeed a non immigrant woman with a child of 16 can live on benefits and chose to do no work?

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