"Respond to this letter or be fined £xxxx.xx amounts of money. Yours faithfully, the State."

These kinds of threats belong in the mafia or other crime syndicates who 'know where you live'.

The government is using the law to literally rip the shirt off peoples backs simply for not replying to a letter which could get lost in the post anyway.

This type of state interference and bullying is a infringement of civil liberties and is a psychological weapon. It has to stop!

Why is this idea important?

The amount of people I know who receive these letters from our bullying state is growing. Yes, I realise there is a massive public debt created by the bank bailouts and the recession(s) but resorting to threatening fines in letters has to stop simply because it is wrong.

The people should not be threatened by their own government and its quangos financially like a playground bully or mafia boss. The Freedom Bill should have an amendment or entry that will protect the people of the UK, their civil liberties and human rights and those under the Magna Carta to protect them from a bullying state that threatens fines in letters and restores some trust in a new government in a swollen State which has abused its power now over a cowed people for too long.

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