As somebody that has had two close encounters and has become quite knowledgeable on this subject and denying the truth on the fact that WE ourselves did not originate from this planet and indeed are aliens ourselves is wrong.  But just one of many different types. Aliens have been recorded here as long as we have. Forget the God nonsense and open your eyes. Most Governments are not even denying it anymore.  Check out the battle of Los Angeles 1947. The Washington sightings. The FLEET over mexico of thousands of them being watched by over a million citizens on MANY occasions. The Rendelshom Forest incident in the UK.  Cattle mutations that vets of today say is impossible for them to do. We have shot at these craft and they have downed our military planes. Buzz Aldrin said that NO USA space mission has ever left earths atmosphere without being followed by UFO's.    The contact between the USA president and the aliens in the 50s. The underground bases and the Siberian Tungsta incident in the1920's. A so called meteor impact that levelled thousands of miles of fores but was  a "Nuclear blast" before we knew what nuclear was.The churches job  is the to let us believe we are God 's children but which one . And they make a nice bit of money out of perpetuating this nonsense. in the quest to control us.  I could go on all day as when you have seen them you suddenly realise that EVERTHING you have been told by your respective governments is as lie.

Why is this idea important?

It is the most important thing in this planets history and indeed where we came from but there are big bucks in keeping the truth from us. Everything we are buying today is 50/60 years out of date .

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