i have recently come of  depixol after nearly 30 years of being drugged and behaving as a 'good' quiet, helpless voiceless mental patient. i suffered a severe reaction even after a slow reduction over 15 months. the mental health team knew of my distress but refused the help i so desperatley needed. i went through a profoundly disturbing and frightening week after asking to see a counsellor. i explained to a c.p.n. how i was fluctuating frighteningly between the real world and the psychotic one. i was determined not to be remedicated but needed to talk through the process i now recognise as spiritual emergence. help was denied and because i had a heated few words on the phone with various mental health people they arrived a week later armed with the drug briefcase (two of them) i refused them entry. the only help offered was a list of workshops for me to attend in the future. they inadvertantly shot themselves in the foot tiough because i found the strength to come through this and had they actually bothered to come and see me the week before they would have found evidence to support putting me back on the living death drugs!!! i am calling for the indescriminate use of anti psychotics and the enforced drugging of so called 'mental patients' to be stopped. the losers if this was implemented would be the drug companies whose interests are best served by the medical model of psychiatry.

Why is this idea important?

the psychiatrists who dispense antipsychotics seem either blissfully aware of the profound alterations to brain chemistry they cause or they are unwilling to jeopodise their lengthy training to find a more humane compassionate way to help so called mental patients. i sense fear in the psychiatric profession as they are confronted with this new paradigm of a spiritual connection to 'mental illness'. the drugs available cause agonising withdrawal symptoms often justifying the psychiatrists opinion  that the medication will stop the pain, they actually stop any ability to access the real world, and create a living death which is no life at all. i speak out of 30 years of being drugged, i am now entering the real world and it can be very scary,please  help to prevent this happening to distressed human beings. my mental health team are all playing dumb as to their responsibilities. none of them have any courage to step out of line and create much needed change.    



                                  ex lifelong 'mental patient' Sue Taylor

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