Inter-company transfers allow UK based companies to bring in individuals or entire teams from non-EU  countries.  Work permits also allow non-EU individuals to work in the UK. The legislation is supposed to allow jobs to be filled where there is no UK resource to fill it.  In reality it allows no-EU workers to undercut the skilled UK based workforce.

Companies wishing to fill a role with a Non-EU worker don't even have to advertise the job in the UK if it's on the DFEE Skills Shortage list!  Even if they do have to advertise in the UK the remuneration is always far below the market rate for UK based workers. If we lack doctors, nurses, welders, social workers then surely undercutting the market with cheap non-EU workers simply drives down the one of the  factors that pulls UK people into these professions  in the first place!  What's the point of studying IT when you have to compete with non-EU workers charging $9 per hour who stay in a B&B and cycle to work.

Why is this idea important?

Create UK jobs for UK and EU citizens. Stop the cheap import of skilled labour and allow the demand for UK based skills to pull UK based workers into these professions at a fair wage. Instead of allowing unhindered import of workers on the 'Skills Shortage' list, encourage UK universities and colleges to offer training in these skills, encourage our students to choose these professions.

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