Very recently parents have been handcuffed and jailed for contacting their own children,by sending a birthday card,waving as they passed by,or communicating via u-tube !

Judges should NO LONGER have the power to issue injunctions forbidding contact between parents and children unless the parent in question has been convicted of a criminal offence on a child .

Right now, the power of family court judges over parents is overwhelming,intimidating,and unjust.If a parent has never been convicted of an offence on any child there is no reason why they should be refused all contact for up to 18 years and sometimes for life , and worse still jailed if they so much as wave a hand  or send a card !

The law that allows judges to issue draconian injuctions forbidding parents from contacting their own children should be repealed ! Only if a criminal offence has been committed against a child (any child) can such an injunction be justified.

Why is this idea important?

This idea is very important because the new government is commited to freedom and giving anyone ,even a judge the power to ban contact  is a contradiction of that aim .If  parents are innocent of any crime against children no judge should have the power to jail them merely for seeking contact with their own offspring !

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  1. i am and do feel physically sick evertime i think of how this is going, i had 2 children kept from me after the court giving access,i never got access & the court didnt want to this is injustice for goods sake! my girls are all grown up and its done me in completely,what is everyone doing? its not gonna stop,who the fuck is gonna stand up to these people who make money from human suffering as we all lose more children? some of the fat high paid “servants” to the people should..this is the worse case of criminal injustice & getting bigger and it will take a big big name to really open it up.never mind good/bad idea? it flies by so fast and their grown up and there is no time to fanny about.

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