In Wandsworth there are numerous spots where cameras are focused on unfair cash raising schemes through fining motorists unfairly.

They do this by passing local legislation to making it an offence parking on a particular road for example Smugglers Way or Balham High Road and many others.

But should it be an offence at 5PM on a Sunday afternoon?  When there is no one about ah but a warden will soon be along to place a ticket on your car as this is how they make their money.

There are a number of other spots and Wandsworth deliberately creates confusion to catch  unsuspecting drivers.

The process is simple firstly up goes a camera for managing a particular spot supported by plausible health a safety, management reasons then the camera is trained on aparticular spot for the purposes of fining individuals.

Why is this idea important?

When I travel 3 miles between my residence and place of work I see on average some 12 parking warden at work and additional 3 or 4 on scooters looking for the smallest infringement,

This activity should stop because if it is not these same people will be soon deployed on other  more personal activities similar to the activities pursued by the STASI in East Germany.

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