Stop Local Councils passing on personal data and reduce the amount of personal data that they are allowed to hold.

Local Councils should be prevented from passing peoples' personal data on to third parties without people's express consent, given at the relevant time and not thorugh some form of "blanket small print".

Why does this idea matter?

My mother, who is blind and deaf,  recently recieved a letter from the BBC which related to digital television. The letter stated that my mother's condition and contact details had been provided by the Local Council. However well intentioned the council's action might have been, they have no right to pass on such details to a third party. Doubtless there will be some small print somewhere in some form that my mother had signed which legalises this action, but it is an abuse of the council's position. Local Councils hold far more personal information than they need to, and obviously cannot be trusted with it.

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