Many business people know what a one-sided joke employment has become.  Politicians have failed to grasp the fact that introducing more legislation makes employing people, particularly Women, unviable.

When someone starts a family, it is a lifestyle choice.  Contraception and Abortion are also available as choices, if not taken – a choice is made.

A business owner pays taxes twice – personally and business-wise – including National Insurance, Rates etc so, therefore, already pays a high proportion of the cost of lifestyle choices.

Yet when someone in their employ has children already or decides to start a family, they are still expected to pay and deal with further disruption.

The following should be implemented:

People should have to answer honest questions upon interview, their childcare arrangements (including in emergencies) are totally relevant to an employer who has requirements for a vacancy.  A primary requirement will be that of turning up.

Emergency family leave should be capped to a low number of days a year, it is the responsibility of a parent to have arrangements in place to enable them to fulfil their contractual arrangements – not an employers responsibility to suffer yet again.

An employer should not have give paid time off to someone to attend Doctors appointments during pregnancy – the NHS already has a huge budget – evening appointments should be available.

An employer should not have to pay out "money for nothing" to those on maternity or paternity leave – holiday pay, other perks etc are a waste of money – they offer no return for an employer.

Time off should not count towards time employed, for example in calculating redundancy payments – the time off is a lifestyle choice.

It is not feasible for an employer to hold a job open when someone is off long-term, when their self imposed sabatical ends, the person is free to see if they are still required and negotiations can commence about part-time etc if mutually acceptable.  As an employer, it is my right to decide if I wish to spend my money on having someone back, or not!

These ideas may not be popular with many of you but remember – when you order at a restaurant, Im sure you wouldnt pay for something on the bill that you havent actually had!

Why is this idea important?

Business are suffering.  Holiday entitlement was increased by 40 percent in the middle of a recession and the crap keep raining down.  Stop telling small businesses how to spend their money and make those who start families take responsibility!

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