Stop making laws – period. This must the first rule.  If a new law is NECESSARY (ie it is a matter not currently covered by "law.") the bill should lie on the table for at least six months so the public may have input.  We know that many laws pass without even a vote in the house. You are not a computer control centre for the people. You are our representatives and we are weak and simple and very much oppressed by your powers

Stop giving Councils huge powers over people. Councils are a hotbed of socialist dogma and control freaks (excuse me I have to fill in a form to blow my nose in a public place)

Why is this idea important?

Freedom is always important. Look around the world. It seems that it is the third world countries  have a degree of freedom whilst the Western countries become more and more cowed under  the misused "rule of law". All that happens when there are so many controls, check and rules is you slow thing down. And slowing down is a sign of decline.

If you seek freedom, Mr. Clegg you need courage. If you seek freedom in its true form read the people budget.

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