the government is not good at setting up regimes to monitor health and safety. It sets out tests and form filling ininstead of competancy tests set out by governming bodies.

The government uses fines and departments best suited for admin and not able to understand complexity of operations it is setting laws for.

Eg the Air Con law set to come in on July 4th. Thousands of Health and safety officers sent out to make sure garages up and down the country have labels done right. They have no idea of how the gas works other than rudimentary courses.

Instead set laws that the industries should join registered bodies like Estate agencies or garages and then make it the job of the professional body to monitor standards set by law. They must then answer to health and safety as a body taking the hastle out of the government

Why is this idea important?

This cuts out money and time from government departments better suited to doing government jobs. Let profesional bodies deal with health and safety issues in the way that they understand.

Make it so to be in that business they must join the body and that to keep membership they must do manditory hours of professional development and update like plumbers every year to keep their licences. This will stop unregulated trade, make the laws application better and cut out the government doing unnessesary work that it fails to do.

If everything is in the right box and all the signs are up and the forms are filled in that doesnt make it any safer or better. Stop using government to do unnessesary work that helps no one and is inefficient and inneffective

The government cannot govern properly when it doesnt understand the laws its implementing and why. let the bodies like the Insturtute of Motor Industry orthe National Association of Estate Agents manditory and make them responsible for the laws you pass taking care of professional standards

What else are they there for?

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