I typed my name into a search engine and one of the first results was a site on personal data, where it lists peoples addresses over the last 10 years, ages, directorships, phone numbers, people they have lived with etc. The electoral details can now be made private. The phone details can be ex directory. The directors details however are an anomoly and the age of the director is still readily available and renders the subject open to ID theft. My date of birth is private, I do not want it exposed online for all and sundry to see without restriction or audit. We are told not to reveal our private details on social networking sites, so why does Companies House insist on giving away the same details for others to publish online free of charge. I insist that my personal details be held at Companies House and are only available to anyone with a legitimate interest in credit checking – i.e. checking a Director’s credit should be subject to the same levels of security as checking a person’s personal credit via credit reference agencies. Insititutionalised ID theft risks are totally unacceptable.

Why is this idea important?

I can go onto any number of websites and type a persons name and get back their age (and hence date of birth if I do this regularly) without any effort, payment or traceability whatsoever. Every Director’s date of birth in the UK is therefore wide open to ID theft. This is totally unacceptable and an invasion of privacy. The same levels of security should be applied to Directors as are currently applied to personal data on credit reference files, only people with a genuine need to see the data should have access, it should not be freely available for all and sundry worldwide online with no restrictions whatsoever.

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