I lost my only brother to premeditated murder, in court the perpertrator stood in the dock and when asked whether he was provoked by anything my brother said or did?  He replied HE WAS NOT PROVOKED BY ANYTHING MY BROTHER SAID OR DID!  So how can a Crown Court Judge ask a Jury to bring back such a perverse verdict, and allow a murderer to get away on a lesser offence of Manslaughter after brutally stabbing a defenceless man to death in front of 3 witnesses.  This is a get out clause for murder, another way of fiddling statistics of how many evil people actually are roaming our streets.

Why is this idea important?

Because the law stinks, the law is an ass……. This should never be allowed to happen, it is happening on a regular basis up and down the land.  Victims are being ignored and murderers are walking free or seving ridiculous sentences, my own case, my brothers murderer received a 7 year sentence of which he served 4 years 8 months.  Since losing my brother I have heard of lots of many more cases the same.

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