Manufacturers build in design flaws into products to generate a service based industry in ongoing parts and maintainance/repairs. Products miraculously fail just after their warranties expire. Its well known this is not a coincidence. Industrial design is the aesthetic design in accordance with a marketing department. Engineering design is the science behind the operation and building of a product the unique new way something works. Corporation purposely design their products to fail after set timespans to create ongoing business in terms of new sales. This should be dealt with.

Why is this idea important?

The ongoing resources reuired to keep manufacturing stuff purely to keep a busiiness in business making profits is ecologically unsound. We have the capabillity of making goods that last a lifetime, quality built. Its the aspect of money that needs reforming. Why people work (people work to live not live to work). grant a lisence to buld x amount of something, something of quality with no in built design faults, a min number of servicable parts for burn in testing. goods intended to last a lifetime, that retain high second hand retail value, Automated factories, were engineers are only required after the factory is wound up to re-fabricate the factory to manufacture another companiees goods. Employment would be in engineering, design, dispatch, marketing and sales. Peoople would not have to continually buy worthless extended warranties, repair bills, there would be no waste and excess co2. vital resources would not be squandered.

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