It is now well known in the Western world that most custodial parents of divorced children cause these children to have Parental Alienation Syndrome.  It is so well known that books have been written about it you can buy on Amazon.  It is well known that 50% of children lose touch with their absent parent after divorce.  What is not realised is why these children become divorced.  Their mothers use various tactics which, even when the Courts recognise it, nothing is done about this child abuse.  Judges will threaten the mother with jail when they redefine access for the umpteenth time but they will never carry out their threat as it would show up the Court's bad custody decision.  Make it mandatory on Judges that, if they see this child abuse, often shown by having the absent parent applying to redefine access which is breaking down frequently, then the Judges must jail the Mother (who it usually is) and turn over custody to the Father, with no judicial leeway whatsoever.

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Parrental Alienation Syndrome IS child abuse!

It is written in the Children Act 1989 that the claim of the Father is equal to the claim of the mother.  Since the OPEC countries hiked up the price of fuel; and therefore energy in general, in the late 1970's, most people know that you can no longer run a family on one parent as the wage earner.  Most families need both parents to work.  This is reflected in the 1989 Children Act.  However the Courts still, decades later, think that it is still the 1960's and award residence orders on the basis that it is the Father's role to be the breadwinner.  In the 21st century this is not true, with many wives earning more than the husband.  Yet still residence orders 91% are given to the mother.  It has moved towards reality by only a few percentage points – from 97% in the 1980's.

Clearly the Family Courts are blatently flouting the Statutory Law that the claim of the Father is equal to that of the Mother.

Once a child is off the breast there is nothing that a Mother can give that child that the Father cannot do better,  I make this claim on the basis that a Father's parenting is more CONSISTENT from day to day than most mothers' parenting, possibly because they are women whose oestrus cycle makes them feel different each day.

Most problems with young people and adults, whether in education or prison or probation services, are caused by inconsistent parenting.  I am a secondary teacher and see it every day.

I was a Registered Childminder for twelve years and none of the 250 children I brought up for other people ended up in the criminal justice system.  I taught parenting to dysfunctional families for Social Services during that time.  I was head hunted as a consultant to Suffolk Social Services to encourage men into primary care.  I was headhunted by the Probation Service too.

Forcing Judges in the Family Courts to obey Statutory Law as outlined above would have far reaching effects to the benefit of our society, see below.  This could possibly be done by sacking them if their results for residence orders are not within a few percentage points of 50%.  Full accountability!

Only then would our children recieve their statutory right to be brought up by the better parent.

Why is this idea important?

In America they have noticed that when there is a rash of teenage suicides by teenagers, four out of five of them come from families without Fathers.  (page 10 of the Daily Mail, Tuesday April 21st 1987 and others)  We have had a similar rash in Wales more recently.

Apart from currently having taught secondary school for the last 9 years I have been a business consultant and have a Masters qualification in Strategic Management.  With this hat on I can tell you that ALL employers know that their female key workers will end up (91%) with the children should they become divorced.  One third of marriages end in divorce.  Therefore they must give consideration to not giving top jobs to women despite Equal Opportunity Laws from 1974 onwards.  It is a fact of life that the Family Court Judges do not obey Statutory Law and thus the Equal Opportunity Laws cannot be effective for women in employment creating the persistent glass ceiling that no statute seems to be able to remove.  Obvious really!  Help women achieve their potential in business – make the Family Court Judges obey statutory law.

If Family Court Judges were forced to obey statutory law then far more children would recieve consistent parenting.  This would have the immediate effect of reducing crime and anti-social behaviour on the streets.  Consequent reduction in prison sentences and a HUGE saving for the Tax Payer.

This would have the indirect effect of redressing the de-roling of men by the feminists.  Men only clubs were banned by this movement.  Strange when they were designed so that men staying in London did not have the opportunity of female company, thus reassuring the wife left in the provinces.  But it is all-right to have women only exercise sessions, women only driving schools……. I could go on.  Feminists have double standards.  As I have said already women are inconsistent.  Children NEED consistency to thrive.

I think that most people would agree that children are best brought up by two parents, some would disagree that two of the same gender is not acceptable.  From my position as a teacher I have known children brought up by two parents of the same gender.  With this experience I still say that two parents are better than one.  This is not to knock single parents, I was one.  Most single parents did not set out to be one.  What I have noticed is that where you have groups of people in which the Father is nominally the head of the household, no matter how much of an anathma that is to some women, then the divorce rate is negligible.  I am talking of a couple of religeous groups from which I have known people.  I spoke at length with two preists conducting a Sikh wedding at the Gudwara in Ipswich.  In their career they had only ever known one Sikh divorce.  I had a friend until he died who was a leader in the Jehova's Witnesses.  It is the same situation with the Witnesses.  I am not a member of either congregation.  In both cases women are not supressed as they are in some religeous groups.  The children in these groups grow up better than general in British Society as they are not blighted by divorce, and consequently there is no opportunity for them to be abused by Parental Alienation Syndrome.

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