Thousands of 'tourists' visit the UK each year merely to exploit our free healthcare.

When I go overseas I take out health insurance and expect to pay for any treatment I may require.

Charge non-UK residents for their medical requirements and perhaps the NHS won't have to make such drastic cuts – and perhaps it will then become easier for UK taxpayers to get the teatment they require – and pay for.

Why is this idea important?

  • The NHS has been told it must effect drastic cuts – by charging non-UK residents for their medical attention this might not be necessary.
  • In some areas NHS 'tourists' take up so much of the available capacity that it impacts upon UK residents – who then have to wait weeks and often months before receiving their appointments.
  • It is not for UK citizens to paying for services they find difficult to access, when these NHS 'tourists' are getting it for free.

One Reply to “Stop NHS ‘Tourists”

  1. This is very good. I would like to add, however, that many of the cheats now abusing our system are people who live in the UK but demand several months’ worth of drugs and other supplies such as syringes when they go on holiday, usually to their country of origin. Why can’t they register with a GP as soon as they arrive in their own country or on holiday? Allowing a few days’ supply of a drug needed constantly (for example, anti-convulsants or insulin) is fine but a limit of a week’s supply should be imposed.

    The other waste of NHS resources is that of obstetric care. Why should be pay people to breed? Surely it should be sufficient to provide free birth control. If a woman wants to get pregnant, she should pay for all the associated care privately (and at maximum cost).

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