How many times have you witnessed vehicles parked on double yellow lines, inside pedstrian crossings,on footpaths and facing oncoming traffic.

Can not say I am a EU supporter but many of member countries outlaw such behaviour.

I believe it should be made unlawfull and thereafter  local authourites empowered to enfoce.

It need not be an expensive process. A date timed photograph is all that is required.

Why is this idea important?

I see it as an extension of Government programme to make people more responsble for their actions.

Parking on pavements is dangerous to the blind,siabled,elderly and those with pushchairs..

It would also force LA's to act and free up major routes in their area which are constantly blocked by cars parked on pavements either side of road.

If you own a car is it unreasonable for you to consider where it is to be parked.

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