we should stop paying fines to brussels for non compliance with new EU directive based laws. Brussels is a law making machine churning out thousands of unwanted new laws which need b eurocrats to enforce them (at tax payers expense) which acheive very little. if we dont comply with these new laws then the outcome is that the UK pays fines to brussels. By constantly changing the rules, the EU in Brussels is assured of getting more money from its member states. 

Why is this idea important?

We need to conserve the money that would otherwise go to Brussels for vital infrastructure projects in the UK. We are in the EU by default already, our membership has a net cost of billions to the UK already, we cannot let it run on unchecked. In the next few years the UK is going to be hit with big fines from brussels for non compliance in relation to the water quality directive, the landfill directive amongst others, every council in the UK will be obliged to pay fines to brussels. there is no benefit to the UK if this money is sent abroad when it could have been spent in the UK improving sewage treatment and  water quality or improving recycling to reduce quantities going to landfill.

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