right now if a person becomes disabled or falls into poor health and needs to claim health or disability related benefits their need for these benefits is decided by a medical done by a the foreign IT company ATOS.  these medicals are paid for out of public funds.  there is strong evidence that these medicals are highly inaccurate and it appears the company is trying to prevent people getting the benefits they need and are entitled to by erronously finding them to be fitter and less ill than they actually are.  medical records from claiments own GPs, consultants, and other members of the care and medical teams are ignore.  this results in huge costs as people are forced to appeal to law to get the benefit they are entitlled to.


it is my suggestion that the government immediately end their contract with ATOS.  i further suggest that future medicals are done by local GPs from a different practice than the claiments own.  this means the medicals are done by a fair unbiased person who will have access to the patients full history whilst not having person experience of the person which should result in fair more accurate assessments  and save money via reduced need for appeals

Why is this idea important?

it is to save money being paid to a foreign company for a service which can be carried out by british staff.

it is to stop the unfair and inaccurate medicals that appear aimed at saving money by wrongly refusing people benefits

it is to save money by reducing the number of appeals needed for sick and disabled people to get their correct  benefits

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