I am a self employed handy man. Just one person. I joined the Construction Industry Scheme thinking i was doing right. I am now penalised £100 for not returning a form. Not for paying late, just for not sending in the monthly return. (i actually did it on the phone but have no proof) I hardly ever use the scheme anyway and am doing my best to get off it but the tax people just do not listen.

Why is it that if i speed in my car, go shoplifting or cause a breach of the peace, i get fined less???? Why should i get fined £100 for not returning a form i didn;'t want in the first place.

The tax office send out the forms at a cost of labour and postage and i don't even want it??? How many times do they do this. It is a waste of money.

Why is this idea important?

The tax office are sending out forms, creating un-necessary jobs, and spending money on forms, envelopes and postage for no good reason. This is a waste of taxpayers money.

The tax office should be more accountable.

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