More needs to be done to stop people from smoking. It has long been proved that smoking cigarettes causes lung cancer and other health problems, not just for smokers but for those around them who are unwilling passive smokers.

With the very good smoking ban in place in buildings and enclosed areas, we now have a problem with people smoking outside these buildings, which encroaches on my civil liberties, by forcing me to momentarily become a passive smoker — worse still if it is at a bus stop when I am waiting for a bus and cannot get away from it.

And the existing ban needs to be enforced — too many smokers are flouting the law by smoking in train stations and bus shelters and nothing is done about it.

The more extreme forms of smoking like drugs, must also be outright banned and the ban enforced.

Smoking should not be allowed outside building entrances or at any bus stops.

Why is this idea important?

The health of people is important. Our productivity affects our wealth. Productivity is reduced by poor heatlh, smoking breaks, people being under the influence of drugs, etc. This country can never succeed at anything much unless our health and productivity are increased. A good start is to further reduce smoking. Employers can be given incentives to hire only non-smokers, and to get existing smoking staff to quit.

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