Stop the police performing this disgusting act.

Why is this idea important?

1. The statistics show that death on the roads is ever so slowly coming down. However, the previous government hid behind the fact that improvements in the roads and the engineering of the motor car would have brought the stats down much quicker without the use of mobile cameras.

2. Its disgusting behaviour. If a policeman were to stand on the corner of a High Street and point his finger at everyone who passes him telling each and every one to "Watch it!", quite rightly, he wouldn't last too long. Why does performing what is effectively the same act in a white van make this acceptable.

3. Its making money out of decent people's misery.

4. It's making us nervous and paranoid and hence more dangerous drivers. If you want proof, answer the following question. "You are in a 60MPH limit. The car in front is doing 50MPH. You approach a camera. Does the driver in front a) speed up to 60MPH as he's allowed to b) continue driving leisurely as a good citizen at 50MPH or c) hit his brakes dangerously in front of you! The answer, by the way, in 90% of cases is (c) !!!!

5. The police abuse it to raise revenue and improve their "crime solving" stats. We have a dodgy junction near us. The police regularly place cameras near the junction. However, because it is a dodgy junction, most people slow down there – so the police don't get a good hit rate. In the last year, they have made one change. They point the camera away from the junction instead of at it because the road is straight and wide in that direction and they can catch more people out.

6. "Some" speed limits are an absolute farce.

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