Nearly all church schools in England openly discriminate (based on religion) in the admissions process. Yet, most are publicly funded. This creates strange and complex problems (postcode lottery?) for people of all religions as well as for those that don't practice religion at all. In the case of my family, we are paying taxes through the roof but don't have access to local schools as most other people do. I had a hard time explaining to my kid that he can't go to the local school where all his mates go despite his top grades.

This is a complete outrage and goes against everything a 21st century european country should be.


Schools should be given the choice of either stopping discrimination or losing public funding.

Why is this idea important?

Because it affects considerable number of families in a very negative way. It also enforces segregation and labelling of children based on religion.

Religious discrimination is not allowed in any otyher walk of life so why should it be allowed in schools?

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