The GTC was just one of the discredited quangos set up by the last government .  It worked to silence teachers about what was really going on in  inner city schools. The schools which were controlled by party men usually men who also controlled the LEA and selected like minded headteachers.  The stage was then set for control and secracy of what was actually happening these schools.   Witnesses to the gang culture which grew up in these schools were silenced.  When they reported matters to the police they were told it was unprofessional to do that,  first by the headteacher supported by the LEA and finally by the GTC. The teacher had nowhere to turn.  

The drug dealing and vilolence has since escalated. The people who saw the destruction of education in these schools and spoke up were systematically got rid of.  Needless to say the GTC is not respected by teachers who simply wanted to teach the curriculum and give the children in their care a chance to learn. Do not take any notice of the fraudulent results in schools in such chaos,  we also know what was going on there too!!

Why is this idea important?

Teachers who speak up for education are important. We cannot teach if drug dealers are in the class. We cannot teach good children innocent children.  We cannot protect them. This also means all the mechanisms that silence teachers and give the drug dealers free rein must also be dealt with.  This must include their right to report teachers to the police at a drop of a hat which results in police investigations. This has been used to silence those teachers seeing the organisation of drug dealing in schools.  The drug dealers under 16 simply make a false accusation against a teacher and that teacher has their life destroyed.

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