Stop encouraging speed limits to be widely reduced as a general alleged contribution to road safety. Restore some common sense into the control of motorists and encourage better driving habits and better road engineering. Only the few law abiding motorists take much notice of, and hence suffer from, these silly speed limits and they suffer the wrath of those who seem to get away with taking little notice. Nobody seems to have recently read the Highway Code and they certainly do not observe it. For instance how many parents hold the hands of their children when walking them to school as required by the Highway Code. Also restore Police Traffic patrols with a mandate to warn and advise motorists except where driving behaviour is very dangerous.

IUt would also be a good idea to introduce differing speed limits eg higher speeeds overnight, reduced motorway speeds in the lane next to road works with say 10mph higher speeds in the adjoining lane. Lowwr speeds outside schools for the busy times only.

Why is this idea important?

The anti speed lobby has been given too much credence and speed has been wrongly blamed for accidents far too widely. All other factors should be taken more into account and motorists be given the right to drive at speeds commensurate with modern cars and roads (or, at least, some roads!). Law abiding drivers feel unfairly punished by ridiculoiusly low speed limits.

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